Privacy Policy


Welcome to our site, here you are able to see everything that is regarded to the moving and the moving services provided by the A-Z nationwide movers Inc. Later in this privacy policy the A-Z nationwide movers Inc. would be mentioned as: us, we, site or the A-Z nationwide movers Inc.

We take care about your private information and the privacy of your family members. Here in this policy we are about to explain you how do we protect the information provided by you to us using the registration, the actual moving procedures or any of the other existed procedures.

When you visit our internet site there is no need to provide any information that is related directly to you or your family members, we mention here personal id information like names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or personal codes and any other information that is related directly to your personality or personality of any other members of your family.

In the reverse if you order a moving you need to provide all the information needed for an estimation an for moving in itself.
We do collect the information in the passive ways, by using the passive technical means of informational collection; this includes the info indicated below:

  • We see an IP address of our customers, we see the location of the computer in the internet and the other open sources information that could be obtained by the IP information. This kind of information is an important for our customers and we understand that we are not allowed to give it to the third parties.
  • In the most cases we share the information with the hired agents, but we are strongly connected with the agents by the solid contracts in which they undertake obligations not to share it with anyone. We need to hire them to fulfill the orders of our customers, to deliver the goods, to work on the phone etc. They are able to have a limited access to the information needed for the work purposes, but this information could not be used in any other purposes by them, in what they have pledged in writing.
  • In any occasions or new offers we send the promotional information to the groups of the customers whom we consider this offers could be may be useful. Usually we hire the businesses to make a promotion companies on our behalf, but we never ever share the name or other sensitive information with this companies.
  • If we ever acquire the company, or anyone acquire our company or we merge with another company or corporation the data transferring and the base of the clients transferring is inevitable. However we will take all measures provided by the law to protect your information and to make it irreversibly protected after the clients’ base will be added disclosed to another company after the demise of the company if this is going to happen.
  • We believe that we are able by law and the current privacy policy and terms of usage to disclose the information in the following purposes:
    • Fraud protection
    • Credit risk reduction
    • Any other legal court requirements

We would never ever disclose your information in the third party commercial purposes; we never sell, share or rent personal information and do not allow doing so for our third party partners, which by the nature of joint activity have the access to the personal information.

  • If in any kind of purposes that is listed among the allowed, we consider that we could disclose your private information or its parts. In the extreme case of the disclosure the A-Z nationwide movers Inc., is going to notify you immediately. We will include in this notification the reason of disclosure and the information what particularly was opened to third party and the name of the third party whom the information was disclosed.
  • In any personal cases our company uses the non-personal information including but not limited by the area, the age and the gender of our customers into the development of the new our company’s design, the new attractive offers etc.

We as a legitimate company understand the needs of our clients and we are trying to protect by the all available means the information which has been entrusted to us. Our servers and other equipment is are subject to use of an adequate measures that keep information provided by the customers safe and secure. Unfortunately, despite the scale of measures that we take to protect the information loaded on the site by the customers, we are not able to guarantee it’s absolutely safety. The reason is the continuous development of the I technologies and usage of the technologies by the hackers. However all the measures taken provide high class protection of our client’s personal information. We could guarantee if we have a sight on the any attempts to hack our site we will immediately call the police. The other important point is calls that truly are monitored and recorded in order to make our services more convenient and pleasant for the customers.

If you need to know what kind of information do we hold about you and your family you could mail us, to protect your privacy we could give you some questions to identify you before providing you such kind of personal information.

Child safety

Our web site was designed to provide the services and offers to the adult individuals who may need to use the services of moving the goods and personal belongings. Site and other related to the site information were not designed by the child of for the children’s. Our site and our company do hold any responsibility for the children access to the site, and our services was not designed for them.

Right to change

For the upcoming reason and threats we are able to change the policy and to change the existed rules, to make modifications in the offers to add or to delete any kind of information. The information provided on our site is official and it enters into the force immediately after the publication, if we do not mention the other.

We do not hold responsibility to inform our clients about the changes of the conditions, if they need to they could check the actual offers and it I s their responsibility to check the changes. If anything mentioned on our site is sensitive to you and your family place come and check the site for the changes from time to time.