Nationwide Moving Tips


If you are about to start on a long-distance moving trip you are likely looking for advice and tips on how to better improve the process. Luckily for you, we have gathered together the best long-distance moving tips available scroll down below to learn more.

  1. Get an overnight bag. More than likely you will be too exhausted to start unpacking as soon as you arrive at your home. Instead of tearing apart box after box looking for your toothbrush, simply gather your essentials in a suitcase and keep it with you.
  2. Pack your plates horizontally instead of vertically. If you want to avoid unnecessary breakage of your plates then stack them like records. This will keep them from breaking easily.
  3. Take a picture of your electronics when they are connected. One of the most frustrating things is trying to figure out what wires go where on your electronic devices. Avoid this frustration by simply taking a picture of them while they are connected.
  4. Use a color coding system. Well seasoned long-distance moving families often have a color coding system down pat. Whether you hiring movers or are enlisting the help of close friends and family members, it is a good idea to use a color coding system for each room in your house. This will keep things organized and cut down on the confusion.
  5. Hire movers to move expensive valuables. The baby piano in your living room and your grandma’s armoire are too expensive to place in the hands of amateur movers. It is a good idea to hire seasoned professional movers like Nationwide Moving to aid you in transporting these items.
  6. Sell your expensive items on eBay. This is a great idea if you are looking to make some extra cash prior to starting on your long distance moving journey. Whether you have old cell phones lying around or expensive jewelry, even craigslist are the perfect place to get your money’s worth.

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