Nationwide Moving Checklist


Are you about to across the country and are frantically searching for a way to get organized? Will fear no more we have gathered together a nationwide moving checklist specifically for your needs. Analyze the checklist below to get moving in the right direction.

• 3 Months Before.
Three months before your move dates it is important to choose your mover and sign their customer agreement. This will ensure that your belongings and property will be taking care of according to plan. Additionally, it is also a good idea to clean out any unused storage rooms or closets. You may also need to make traveling arrangements for pets.
• 2 Months Before.
After you have properly disposed of things that you don’t want to take with you on your journey, met and hired a moving company, and made arrangements for your pets the next step is to prepare a mailing list of people you need to send your change of address to. Individuals like family members, business partners, and companies need to have your change of address in their database. It is also important to inform your banking institutions and credit card companies of your change of address.
• 1 month before. Figure out traveling arrangements. You should also separate clothing items for you to wear while traveling and keep prescription medications with you. You can also start disassembling garden furniture and remove the picture frames from off the walls. It is important to also go over the insurance value of your items.
• One day before. Make sure that you have enough medications to last for two weeks, defrost your refrigerator and empty it out, and plan a few simple meals for your travels. After this is done simply relax and get a good night’s rest for the big day.


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