The Essential Packing Supplies for Your Nationwide Move


Nationwide MoversMoving across the country is not only stressful but also a time-consuming process. Gathering the products you need to successfully pack and move your items is no easy task. However, being prepared for your move pays off in the long run. To help you clear the air and narrow down precisely what you’ll need to keep things organized, we’ve gathered a brief list of essential packing supplies for you down below.

Make sure you have enough boxes

Remember, every room in your house and the contents therein will have to be moved. Gather up as many boxes as possible to ensure that you have enough to go around. Typically, each room will need anywhere from 5 to 15 large boxes depending on its size.

Use that as a base estimate and whatever you do don’t underestimate the amount. There is nothing worse than packing and having to stop in the middle to find more boxes. Head to your local moving supply store to purchase boxes for your move.

Different Colored Markers

Color coordinating your markers with each room is extremely helpful when it comes time to move your boxes. Organization is the key to a smooth and successful move. Assign a marker color for each room and pack accordingly. You’ll likely need around 5 markers to do this effectively.

Tape, Scissors & Bubble Wrap

These are pretty obvious and might even be in your junk draw already. However, if not make sure you have tape, scissors and all essential bubble wrap to keep your belongings safe. If you have precious China, picture frames or anything that is breakable you’ll need to bubble wrap it to keep it well insulated as it travels across the country.

Moving is stressful, but if you prepare correctly by gathering the right supplies well in advance, your move will be made much easier.

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