Moving Overseas Tips


Moving overseas is one of the most stressful experiences you can undertake. Whether you are moving for work, a change of scenery, or to be with family, the cost and stress involved is often enough to overwhelm even the most relaxed of individuals. To help you sort through the chaos we’ve listed a few tips and tricks to get you on your way safely and with ease.

Packing Checklist/Tips

Here are just a few things you need to remember to pack before your international move.

  • Clothes (rather obvious, but make sure you have a suitcase left out so you have access to your items while moving.
  • Important documents (passport, driver’s license, social security card, marriage certificate)
  • Laptop
  • IPad’s
  • Books for your travel

Before You Move Tips

Prior to packing, use these tips to lock down the right property without the headache.

  • Research your new country of origin thoroughly (customs, greetings, language, etc)
  • Brush up on the metric system
  • Consider moving assistance overseas
  • Go over your child’s safety and how best to travel with them overseas before you begin your journey
  • Get any pets fully vaccinated and thoroughly examined before the move

Car Shipping Tips

Moving your vehicle overseas is no easy task. You have to deal with customs, freight regulations, and hosts of other issues as you move. To make sure your car arrives safe and sound, consider the following international car shipping tips.

  • Speak with reputable international vehicle transportation agencies beforehand
  • Prepare a notarized title, Shipper Export Declaration Form, and Auto Insurance Documents
  • Have your vehicle serviced to make sure it meets international standards.

If you are ready to make the move overseas, consider the aforementioned tips. They are guaranteed to help make your move far less stressful in the end.

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