Nationwide Long Distance Moving Checklist


For obvious reasons, a long distance move involves much more planning then a simple move to a nearby city. You will likely spend thousands of dollars on your long distance move and should do everything in your power to make sure the move goes according to plan. To assist you in your planning we have crafted a long-distance moving checklist that covers the most basic items you need to remember before you venture on to your new journey.

Start by finding a good long-distance moving company

Finding and hiring the right moving company involves analyzing ratings, reading reviews, and determining the right price. This should be the first item on your moving checklist before you begin packing. The reason for this is that many moving companies book up on weekends and other popular dates that you may be considering. Don’t wait to the last minute to schedule an appointment with the moving company. Doing so might leave you with no other option than to hire an overpriced service.

Determine what you will be keeping and what you will be getting rid of

This process starts with packing. It is crucial that you start making piles of keep items and throw away items for your entire family. When you are moving a long-distance you need to keep as little as possible in order to avoid high-priced moving fees that can easily tack onto your overall expenses.

Change of address form

United States post office has made it increasingly easier to change your address. Now you can do this in person, by phone, online, or through the mail. Whatever you choose, do so as soon as we find out what your new address will be. This will help you avoid unnecessary late fees simply because you didn’t get a bill in the mail.

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